June 26, 2013

Imageby L. Swain19 Jul 2013

Cavalier, my armor bears th’ sun,
Silver shot breastplate marked and bit,
My shield wears dents black smoke has done,
On my helmet rays of glory sit;
On my unbent chest breathes the crest of truth—
Truth that yields me to fire and fight,
I fight for love, void pain, void ruth,
The honor of bearing your sight.
Truth’s an armor my chapped skin wields,
Th’ God who chained our paths together,
Broke from cruel debt, for you I’m sealed—
Tied, out bonds will never sever.
A dragon scaled black in rough smoke
Breathes bright fire, through fangs of despair;
My unruly sword th’ thick scales broke,
My blade the dried black blood does bear;
Second self, the newer defined;
My shield’s been punched with blasting sorrow,
Of th’ furious savagery kind,
But I’ll carry still pale tomorrow;
Fight, which shoots and strides against Us,
Arrows I bend, avenge, and break;
Sharpened days I strike, where I must;
My yawning wounds sleep’ng virtues wake;
All against our love I’ll conquer—
Nothing will our passions alter.