June 27, 2013

Imageby L. Swain19 Jul 2013

Bear the frost of night and cold,
Bear the burn and form of lust,
Taste the all raucous chill I bold,
Taste all the songs my love combusts;
Your damsel wings I’ll overtake,
And bend th’ branch of placid pleasure,
Your hearts unembitter’d walls I’ll shake,
Upturn th’ ground measure for measure;
Feel love stir your harlequin heart,
And rub my windy back gainst th’ panes,
I will expand your every expanded part,
I will course every outstretched plane—
Violent love streaks adoration
Across the dark capsules you call your veins,
Taste of me, taste my attraction!
Feed of me, an' let nothing remain!
Aggressively I flare again,
Rushing violent within your world,
Th’ angel of my passion descends
Into your ravishings I'm hurled;
Kiss me, I say. Taste new life—
These words puck and smack your pink lip,
Feel the weight apart from strife.
Letters, words, your mind’s eye does sip,
Rush on your quiet mind bent together,
Words loud flown on silent feather.