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Beach-sitter---fox-8x10by Thomas Mc Donald15 Oct 2014

With tracksuit bottoms over warm ' jamies',
Maggy emerges from her dust filled hole.
On the icy path to the tree at Spar,
Thoughts of a Christmas dinner drive her on.
This age old feast of meat and veg vittles',
Has this poor creat're rummaging about.
A single pork chop, a small bag of spuds,
Four slices of ham, Bisto and some sprouts,
A pot of gooey custard and some jam.
Satchels for Whiskers, a ribbon, a bowl
Oxtail soup, croutons, ferrero rochers, fags,
A large bottle of Smirnoff and bog roll.
A birthday party in a smoke filled room
As her cigarette candles slowly burn.