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Beach-sitter---fox-8x10by Thomas Mc Donald15 Oct 2014

Always maintain focus
When shooting for the top
X factor's no different
You give it what you've got

I struggle a bit with tempo
When holding down a tune
Worked my way around this
By putting music to a poem

Rummaged in me school books
In truth,...not a prob
Found a little beauty that
Was perfect for the job

'October winds lament around
The castle at Dromore'
Add a beat behind it
Hey Presto!, What a score!

I pumped it up contemp'ry
And practised in me 'cot'
Saturday's auditions and
My first step to the pot

All I heard was buzzers
In the middle of me stuff
The audience was silent
Louis screamed 'Enough'

Cheryl's a proper wagon
Ashley Cole was right
Simon's just a pinhead
Louis's talking tripe

Dani's Dad was Skippy
She hasn't got a clue
They don't see potential
The way they ought to do

Slated live on telly
By a panel full of snobs
I'm a quality entertainer
Available for jobs