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We are still paying for this fools bumbling.

Biffo, Chief of Paddawaki

Beach-sitter---fox-8x10by Thomas Mc Donald15 Oct 2014

Bulbous in demeanour,
Raucous after wine,
Biffo, Chief of Paddawaki,
Surveys his sad decline.

Eyes alert and lively,
The movement of a frog,
Unforgiving glances honed,
In primeval bog.

A shadow of his former self,
His subjects cry and wail,
''Is this the same Biffo,
Held a tiger by the tail''

Kings are in their counting houses,
Counting out his money,
His chieftess, Nephervanie,
Is eating pig and monkey.

All await his mumbo speak,
From the Voodoo Gods of Old,
He shrugs his shoulders, winces
And says '' I'm fkudd if I know ''

They called him a vampire,
A creature devoid of form,
Banished to the bog-sides,
To live hungry and alone.

Stay away from places
Where Biffo's known to roam
Especially after drinking
Or you'll hear the Biffo moan.