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It may not be considered as a poem but I am trying to learn how to express my feelings through writing.

"There is no place like home"

Pz-avatarby M.K.yousef10 Apr 2017

"There is no place like home". Home is where I took my first breath, where I took my first steps , and where I learned my fist word. Home … is where my family lives, where my grandparents meat and where my parents were borne … its where I belong. Home is where my heart lives and it’s the only place where my soul can survive. This is an example of what I would have told you six years ago if you had asked me about the country I call home. Back then, I thought that this country can only be described with such graceful words. And here I am six years later, mourning the death of my country … my home. Because now I know that this place can only be described using one utterly horrifying word … "Death". My home is death. Its where children die of abuse, where people die of hunger, poverty, endemic diseases and negligence. Its where teenagers are killed and their friends incarcerated for daring to mourn their death, where freedoms are brutally murdered and where fear is everybody's beloved companion. My home is my grandfather's dementia, my grandmother's cancer and my terror of losing them. Home is my father's arched back, my mother's sad eyes and my brother's trembling voice. Home is where blood is a natural view and where anxiety is a method of communication. My home … My country … is where my soul will die … my home is death.