currency exchange

Sams_photo_of_mandyby Mandy Macdonald03 Apr 2014

looked back on it was just
a transaction: you bought me
for i can't recall how many
kisses like pennies in the old man's hat
and for
a good ten years
i was a gift for you
but you paid dear for it
all i wanted was an equal sacrifice
that was all
i gave you something to make you give me something back
that was all
together we wove a contract water-
tight as harris tweed, felted together
with lies and fear, clauses in small print
inviting default
and we were poor

nowadays i live in a different
my kisses are quite worthless
constructed of colour, fire and tangled sweetness
you don't hear them clink into anyone's pocket
but i'm a lot richer
for giving them away