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A gently funny poem about birds at a feeder in my garden

birds of a feather

Sams_photo_of_mandyby Mandy Macdonald29 Aug 2014

under the viburnum’s rain-dript leaves
there’s a battle being waged
for possession of the big wire feeder
full of suet balls
sparrows vee starlings vee jackdaws
tri-avian tournament
the young of the tribes shoving and fluttering, chit-
chattering, trading bird insults
quid-DITCH, quid-DITCH
the temporarily defeated retreating, whirling away
to perch on the granite wall and try to look unruffled
before darting in again

what is it about today?
even in the famine of winter when the branches
wore only occasional jewels of pink
those suet balls hung there for months unnoticed
crumbling, eroded
now they’re out of stock
in ten minutes

[with apologies to JKR]