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An ode to that pretty stranger.


5a7d2863b40b92bb0c0738c3e3e2dcfdby MadPenMonarch06 Jun 2014

Time was moving fast, like my friend's car
Don't remember where we were going, near or far
And then it all slowed down for a moment
As she walked by the fountain,
The sun shining on her
Her hair flirting spiritedly with the breeze,
Her eyes twinkling through them
The sun gave so many colors to her,
And like a mesmerized puppet I loved every one of them
Loved her lips spread in a smile,
And a laugh there within
Couldn't care what her reason was,
I just believed it was me
For it was her show through n through,
She played with the water almost carelessly
And I was soaked to the core,
Soaked as much as I could be
Like that moment we drove away,
she stayed to her ways
To forever stay in my memories,
And these words where she'd forever be