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A dreamy wish from a boy's memories.

Share a Dream

5a7d2863b40b92bb0c0738c3e3e2dcfdby MadPenMonarch17 Jun 2014

It was a rustic old house where a saw you
Old, a little bleak
Strong and beautiful
And definitely not weak
Had a forgotten, simplistic charm to it
I wish I stayed back that day
Would've been a quiet, peaceful life
With a sincere hope that you stayed back
I did fall for you didn't I
We'd be making love to love songs and crickets
To the crickets we'd fall asleep
And wake up for a dewy, smiling morning
Only so much to be done there
That we never get bored
Living at our own pace
In an old fashioned way, growing old
Now there's all that and one request
And though sheepish it may seem
"Tell me pretty, would you care to share a dream?"