Mother Bird

Pz-avatarby Aisha Ahmad07 Apr 2014

A giant bird is in the sky above
Sweeping down angelically to her forest love
The sunlight softens as the sky turns to rose
Upon this coming night it was here that she chose
With grace she descends onto a low curling branch
Of dusky pink buds and a curious stance
Her shimmering feathers upon her chest
Shine bright blue and emerald as the sun's last request
Silently moving in one with each breath
Her energy is calming as she takes a rest
Her presence is silencing, a beauty awakens
Her heart a silken jewel, a mystic is shaken
A childlike luminosity glows from her eyes
Moist crystal waters reflect travelled skies
The sweet nectars tasted, the realisation of a power
Of this wondrous world, an eternal flower
And as the peace settles, the forest softly sighs
And gently mellows to a silent lullaby