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A sonnet dedicated to a woman I met the first day of 4th grade. We spent most classes together through elementary and high school and then saw almost nothing of each other for 40 years.

Wrote a lot of poems, mostly formal, worked at many wildly different jobs in several states for quite some time, and spent the last 15 years writing software for carrier operations with F-18s at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland, which stopped when atrial fibrillation ended that career. 40 years after we left high school that girl rescued me—both of us having married and divorced twice, with kids and step kids and grandchildren—and we're getting married this coming summer solstice. An amazing journey.

And lots more to come ...

At Last

Master_at_workby Michael Snider21 Mar 2019

My darling, many years ago we met
and spent our days in school together while
we learned — or tried to learn — just how to get
to the next day, the next love, the next style
of life to help us find a way to make
some kind of path to happiness, some way
allowing us to do what it must take
to find the way at last to finally say
"I love you, darling, you are mine — and I
will never leave you, nor forsake you, nor
betray you. I vow that I am yours, and I
will always find a way to open the door
that lets us kiss and take each other where
we each can help each other find pure air.