Hurt is Truth.

Suneyeby Maree Jaeger22 Jul 2013


Nobody needs anyone
broken in the grit,
we just tell ourselves

cracked open,
like a bottle of champagne
fizzing out like stars

that we do.

this hurt makes the sun shine,
at it's best
and brightest
and this life is true

but what of us is waste
and what of
solid lines and no ambiguity?

show me something of consequence.


If you stare at something long enough
you no longer see it.

We are all blind to what is
before us
behind us
or what is waiting on the bedside table.

conscious stardust
is truth

I will not let you sleep
or wake
without this

true North.


This hurt is true
you must trust it;
like the music of your breath.

Pacific ocean navigation
where you left off
incomplete maps

As you pull the curtain back
to invite light,
How much love can you let in?