69055780_2294566560663977_4485945787070545920_nby Margarita Serafimova19 Oct 2019

The night
The map
The words
Of the letter
The drive into
The unknown city
The suburbs
The foreign streets
The tension
The evening
The lights
The local people
The mounting tension
The finding of the street
The drive up
All the way the wrong way
The anxiety
The arrival
The obeying of the words
The person
The warmth
The numbness
The entering of the house
The daze
The time spent
In drinking, looking, smoking
In a daze
The confrontation
The car
The aroma
The drunken driving
The remarks
The touch of hands
The pleasure
The house
The last cigarette
The leather jacket
The blond hair
The wish for more
The goodnight kiss
The light passion
The staggered walk away
The morning
The daylight city
The demanding
The obeying
The watching
The sitting beside
The first café
The central street
The walk
The hill
The river
The sight
The alienation
The drawing of the day
The restaurant
The approach of evening
The coziness
The contained excitement
The walk in dark deserted streets
The conversation
The confession of emotion
The fear
The thrill
The thrill
The lighting of a cigarette while walking
The wanting
The exchanges
The relief
The pleasure
The bar
The absorption
The closeness
The wanting to be there
The people
The friends
The getting late
The ride back
The tiredness
The next morning
The phone call
The car ride
The decision
The café
The presence
The walk
Another friend
The lake
The afternoon
The growing tired of the expectation
Of the moment
To touch hands
For a moment
The walk side by side
The drawing near of departure
The going back to town
The dark
The tiredness
The suppressed melancholy
The not finding of the moment
The last bar
The red, the black
The hard look
The question
The leaving of the house
The kiss
The last time
The bursting tension
The last exchange
The last look
The dark highway
The night