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Poetry doesn’t have to have a meaning :) That is the best part about it.

A world of my own

Pz-avatarby Rhys Marjoram31 Jul 2019

Every night I lay in bed,
A storm begins to grow inside my head,
Crashing against the walls of my brain,
My thoughts are the thunder and life is the rain.

The illusion of time decides to pass,
as lightning strikes my world: from the sky to the grass,
starting destructive yet beautiful fires of anger and sadness,
I realise that again I am alone with my mind and its madness.

Every single water droplet becomes heavier,
as I reflect over the terrible day that has come to an end,
I think about the people who have agrivated me and stirred up my hate,
the storm is becoming devastating- suffocating the animals that represent my hope

Is it really worth it?
Why do I bother?
Why do I get up and deal with the pain of life,
When I could stay here,
In a world of my own.