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The Love Bug Strikes Again!

What is Your Desire?

Facebook_miniby Mark Butkus14 Feb 2014

What is your desire?
Is it a heart shaped box full of chocolates,
long stemmed roses,
a bottle of champagne?

What is your desire?
Hokey valentines that recall your childhood,
a candlelight dinner with a view of the city,
tobogganing in the park?

What is your desire?
A romantic comedy at the cinema,
the heartfelt strings of a concerto,
those little candies that say, "Will U B Mine?"

What is your desire?
A weekend getaway to the hills,
or some place warm along the coast,
your favorite foods in the oven?

What is your desire?
You were offered all the above,
but all you asked for were these lines,
and the last three words that read, I love you.