If I kiss you, would you wake me?

8037d364f7c774c01e3a07a68a6d435aby Martin Shone12 Nov 2014

If I kiss you
as a feather kisses the sky
would you reply with birdsong

If I love you
as a cloud loves to rain
would you love me and ease my pain

If I hold you
as the stars hold the night
would you hold me with all your might

If I give you
as the tree gives the earth
would you give me my rebirth

If I want you
as a smile wants to touch
would you want me so very much

If I know you
as the darkness knows the light
would you know me and hold on tight

If I caress you
as the flame caresses the air
would you flare with birdsong


If I dream of you
as the sunset dreams of sunrise
would you wake me or would you fly and say

“Not yet …”