Animal Rights

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Even though in some countries animals are considered to be sacred creatures, it has been established since time immemorial that our planet belongs to people. Such idea has appeared as a result of the debates connected to the roles of animals and their rights. Many people argue that animals suffer from human deeds and have to be protected. They may not have as many rights as people have but still they deserve respect. The current animal rights essay will provide information on both positive and negative effects of animal rights protection.

Sometimes, different animal rights essays try to support one point of view in regard to animal protection. However, this argumentative essay on animal rights will provide objective perspective on both sides of the argument and will try to provide the most essential statements for and against animal right protection.

Pros and Cons of Animal Rights Protection

Protection of animal rights helps save animals from numerous experiments, which take place due to the fact that people tend to test different vaccines and other products of chemical industry on them. This unethical behavior harms animals and even leads to their deaths. In addition, it is not always logical to test products on animals as they may react to them differently than human.
If animals are not protected by humans, they may become victims of their everyday activities and some species may disappear completely. In its turn, it may harm not only people but the ecosystem as a whole. There are things in nature that cannot be controlled by people, and the ecosystem problems may have extremely negative effects on humanity.
Testing and experiments on animals is not only unethical but also expensive. The general cost of the products includes not only the price of their manufacturing but also the price of sheltering animals that become victims of experiments, feeding and taking care of them, etc. All these issues add value to the products.

The first argument against animal rights in the current persuasive essay on animal rights is that animals can help people overcome different diseases and help in researches that will eventually lead to positive outcomes. It is better to sacrifice a couple of animals than refuse to save people who suffer from horrible diseases.
The other argument is that experiments on animals reduce the risk for people to be harmed by new and not tester products. Testing on animals helps find solutions to problems and reach advancement in health care.
The other reason why animals should not receive the same rights as human beings is that without using them for experiments, it may be impossible to reach success. People who do not know what effect new medicine may have on them are more likely to refuse taking part in such experiments. In this case, testing on animals solves this problem and helps people fight numerous diseases.

The question of animal rights protection remains controversial. Despite numerous benefits testing on animals may have for humanity, it is still considered unethical to harm them, as they cannot protect themselves against people.