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This poem is how I see chrismas from the eyes of a african and a worlwide citizen at large

The holidays

74d1ea8ac3074525b955e71714e70ca8by Mash Hazelton 22 Dec 2013

The holidays

A moment of silence to the ones that left us
A moment of silence to the one that gave up on us
To the ones the who made it easy to lie
But make it hard to say the truth
To the ones who left for heaven
But left the ones they love with hell
To ones who ruined there past
But still behind in fixing the present
To the who caused pain
But never make it pleasant
To ones blinded by being rich
But to greedy to help the peasants
To the ones who think they western
But to numb to feel the african essences
And to the ones who hustle and bustle
But when they get rich and go to fast and never buckle
We all met them
Or we are them
You can choose leave it
Or live with it
Or abuse
As the old year falls down like rain on glass window
And the new year gives our hearts a crescendo
Be full with blessing
Not being the fool
Be unique in heart,mind and dressing
And not being a slave to following and being cool
Think for yourselves
Love yourself
For the is filled liars cheaters killers
Two faced people
And individuals who resemble smoke and mirrors
Next year scourge for gold
Next year block out discourage
And find the courage to fly
For there's only one way up
And that's high

Next year is the next chapter
Write it right and write it bright

Happy Holiday days