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This is a dedication to all those kids out there that don't know what they will be in the 10 years,suffering from depression

That picture

74d1ea8ac3074525b955e71714e70ca8by Mash Hazelton 05 Apr 2014

Just another way to get myself out of this world
Sitting in bed as I await fate's call
So I recall
When fate was looking down at me
When I was on my back after my great fall
Fate was something I could never seem to predict
Like a judge handing down a verdict
So I sat in my bedroom
Sweeping and cleaning my thoughts with a wizards broom
As it magically takes away all those dreams I hang onto so dearly
Those thoughts of how kids would never cheered me
All they ever did was feared me
Those thoughts of who how my primary teachers held back my potential because they couldn't understand me
They never wanted to let me be
For my elders found freedom in this land
but wasn't free myself
Forcing me to help myself
Health myself
And stealth myself from this cold world
As I clean up my room with the wizards broom
The wizard came and asked me why do hurt yourself so much
Why do you let there words get you
Why do you let stop you from being you
He asked those questions
as if I was in a catholics confession
Confessing my depression
He wonder if they could ever be a spell or a potion
To put this driving force back into motion
For my wounds have been dry they need lotion
And the dust that's gathered around my broken dreams
Have made my eyes red as I look at the reality that they all gone
What started with a high chorus has ended with a sad ending to this song
My imaginary 's have all left me
Each one of them had to leave to soon
they left me with a moon that would stop eclipsing
Not stop depicting
The portrait
I portrayed using the blood of a thousand men
To paint a picture that would have been a mona lisa
But all it had was dark features
A picture that would get a mark from my peers and there teachers
It painted me a starry night
Where it fly to the sky and talk to the clouds as they told me everything is going to be alright
That the night will end,the sun will shine
And my dreams will be bright
I could never write a sonnet
Speaking my problems so vividly and honest
My life is bad picture that could can never be given a filter on instagram
Never be given a thousand likes as the picture gets its glory
Never be altered frame or contained by any app such as pic story
For I can display this picture on my whatsapp
And let my friends wonder whats that
But who would care most of them are the causes for me to watch back
So the wizard picked up my picture on the floor and felt my pain
As he put my picture down on my minds window pane telling me that it looks great
But its completely the opposite
He improvised and reminded me of everyone that loves me
But only gave me memories of those that loathe me
But it struck like a stone that smashed into my window
Hacked into my window
That I'm a giant not a minnow
I'm 15 years old
And have already played my role
Not throwing gang signs
But actually been the reason why my school has a sign
This was a sign for the better
My minds room got clean and before I could thank the wizard
He few away
I prayed later that
And as I asked for blessings
My picture became bright again
The glass wasn't cracked
It was full of everything it never lacked
It oozed confidence
And consciences
This was truth
Not con science at all
My picture was complete
For the first time looking at my picture without pressing escape or delete
This wasn't a mess
But finally clean and neat

I was able to tell my story before somebody else told it