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This is a poem based on a popular South African hit house song by Dj Clock and rock band Beatenberg.
This song inspired me and could more or less be the soundtrack to one of my most trying winter I've expirenced in my young life

Pluto(remember you) A written rendition by Oarabile Mashigo

74d1ea8ac3074525b955e71714e70ca8by Mash Hazelton 01 Jul 2014

I feel like a lost soul without you on this planet
on this world I have nothing much to talk about
nothing much to look at
nothing much to appreciate and celebrate
because on this planet there's was nothing compared to you
because I was one but you became my pair
I knew that life on this planet is short
I knew that I might not be alive to realise
my dream of saying my vows to you
so I vow to you that I will stay
through all the twist and turns
tears and burns
and even when the world takes everything I have
its still a dream when I have you
on this planet memories rigorously hit me
memories are like a melody that I can always take shelter in when there's nothing left salvage
on this planet you were one of a kind
a precious precise synth that follows through me like an oceans breeze