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Taking the role of the damsel in distress for the moment

Crossed legs from the window seat

74d1ea8ac3074525b955e71714e70ca8by Mash Hazelton 22 Nov 2014

Seeing you from a car window glass
A different man
The smell of tuscan Cologne
Is much different from a pint
As my minds sprints to memory
Of the hazards you made you me foresee
I was sick under your love
And there's was no cure in sight
For we were like a kite high in the clear air
Flying as we gaze at how high it could escalate into the sky
I wanted to recreate that moment in time
Pause it
let it sink
Let it sit
For I might never get to sit on your lap and gaze at your eyes while you whistle a melody till I fall asleep into a dream where I'm forever loving you

From my window glass I could see a man that almost had it all
From this window screen
He let me see a face that wasn't in peace
Like the fights we had that left us all to pieces
He had the stick of command but he left me to drown
Leaving me to go down
To slumber with the fishers catch
I wanted that moment to last and spend my life with you
But I should have known you were lifeless
Now I'm stuck in debt