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There is a personal struggle we all endure when trying to fight the evil within us and be good. It is our choice whether or not to resist or accept it.

Unrealistic Reality

Meganmnmby M. N. Mattingly 03 Aug 2017

A dream buried in my heart. Drowned by doubts and troubles. A wish within my soul for futures yet to come. An unrealistic reality I long to come true. How insignificant my wants are, how truly evil I am! Instead of joy for what I have, a longing for more wraps around me. It takes hold of virtues this evil greed and suffocates grace divine. It longs to ruin the good and light......but is it not just happiness I wish to find? How is this evil? An innocent desire for pleasure? Perhaps this once I could bend my will. Perhaps my Conscience is wrong...oh wickedness the temptation is great! But I see that no true joy would it bring if I let go of the rope I cling to. For I would fall into an abyss of torment. So then, I have passed the test! I shall not fall today. Instead I brush away the folly of foolish dreams and my desire of unrealistic reality.