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This poem explains only a little bit of how I am feeling when my police officer boyfriend works his night shifts.

Behind the scenes, from 6 till 6

Img_20190302_182851by Meryke16 Mar 2020

As you wake up to dress up in the blue you wear so proudly
As you greet and kiss me once more,
I smile as you walk out that door at 6 pm
I close my eyes and ask the Lord
To protect his faithful servant.
To protect you from the danger you are protecting strangers off.

As I lay warm in bed, wishing you were here
wondering what you are doing.
I pray Lord please protect your faithful servant
Protect the man I chose to spend my life with.

As I lay comfortably in bed unable to sleep
while you are fighting the evil in the world
doing the best you can
receiving little to no respect
I pray to the Lord to please send his angel back to me at 6 Am.