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A spiritual piece about wasting potential, regrets and the accumulation of bad habits over time that plague over where innocence used to be.

Burning out

Cultural_show_2011by Mustafa Ameer16 Aug 2013

Fangs of addiction, marked by pangs and affliction

When reality seems so strange, it takes fans towards fiction

An exaggerated diction, can only pay so much homage

to being honest, of heartaches…

Knowing much more could have been accomplished

This soul knows too well, where it could be by now

Its holes had grown brutal, lights out at the lighthouse

Routines are laden, as bad habits were taken,

Burning potentials, to flames of procrastination

For when I look back, I see etches of a stray man,

A boy now sits in his place, vacant and bruised,

Innocence and ignorance, no longer claim the same stand,

At least in youth, such confusion can be excused.