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One of the pieces on nostalgia and rueing the times that were.

For the moments that were

Cultural_show_2011by Mustafa Ameer21 Jul 2013

Once monuments, and moments of euphoric majesty,
Momentum gained, and we lost much in its speed,
Prosperity of progenies, and potential prodigies,
All whisked away, where great roads could now be.

I have written of regrets and how they mustn’t erode us,
Yet my pen testifies to how this hypocrite’s mind is plagued.
I’d throw the ring in the ocean, but its glow firmly holds us,
Speaking of change, while married to old ways.

Curious I am, to know where I’ve been wrong so often,
Leaving impressions that make others dissociate from me.
For life holds many bees, perhaps I am just pollen,
Forgetful of stings, when the nectar tastes so sweet.