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On the brutal police killings of Black people.

Dear Police Officer.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner07 May 2015

How many arrests do you expect to make?
How many Black lives did you take?

You show up, dressed in riot gear
to show everyone who's "boss" here...

And if shooting Tamir Rice isn't what YOU did,
how come you aren't frontline to protest this shit?

How come you don't say a precious life shouldn't
be taken on a corner with a police bullet?

How come you stand with cops on a killing spree?
Is that your idea of justice and equality?

You help lock up people in their own city
with curfews and soldiers - and without pity.

I didn't hear your voice when a police man shot
the retreating back of Mr. Walter Scott.

I've not seen your outrage at the murder of Freddie Gray,
you're just standing on the sidelines and hope it goes away.

Of all the Black lives taken, you utter not a word,
you're complicit in the system
and your voice is never heard.

So tell me, dear officer, what I am to make of you?
Are you just another badged-up thug - dressed in blue?

6 May 2015.