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The first stanza of this poem was written by a dear poet friend of mine, both of us came up with our own poem after the start.

Midsummer Day Dream.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner31 Jul 2015

Into the wild wind's whistle
through thick thatched thistle
and bramble bristle
scrambled us

making a grass patch a meadow
with floating flowers and shadow,
fairy realm still unknown
enveloped us

where buttercups rule with grace
and grassleaves, they form a maze
where shy daisies lift their face
into the sun with us

where beauty beckons with warm winds
and butterflies leave tiny hints
we find a fairy's footprints
beneath the grass

we look at clouds, puffy and white
and then we have to shut our eyes tight
because the sun sings so bright
we fall asleep

and on this sunlit, speckled day,
in this scented, summery May
the faint music still holds sway
we dreamt of then.

July 11th 2015.