Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner03 Sep 2017

They don't realise that their sidelines
are littered with unethical landmines

or that their silence is complicity
in the oppression of minorities

They keep saying they want unity
but they don't do the work for equity

They rather keep the status quo
"Don't rock the boat," they let you know

"Don't yell or scream, don't make a noise,
yóú need to make the better choice" -

THEIR opinions should not be questioned
because all of them are well-intentioned

They don't realise there's no neutral ground
amidst swastika flags and gunshot sounds

and the peace they want is paid in blood
by countless Black people getting shot -

but they keep dodging all their landmines,
cling to the comfort of their sidelines

unwilling to act or use their voice -
but: nót choosing IS a choice.

3 September 2017.
Michelle Seyner.