I Feel Beautiful Today.

Img_0385unicornby Michelle Seyner17 Oct 2017

There's a dance in my step that I just can't ignore
and the smile on my lips is what lips were made for

and I feel beautiful, today -

there's a sway in my hips that is here to stay
and the light in my eyes says what words cannot say

Oh, I feel beautiful today -

And my voice grew wings today and turned to song,
to a dancebeat my heart slowly drums along

and oh, I feel beautiful today -

there's a curve to my back that speaks of pride and of joy
and there's a glow to my smile no one can destroy

Oh, I feel beautiful today -

And the curls of my hair are rebellious and sweet
and the song in my heart is the dance of my feet

and I feel beautiful today -
oh, I feel beautiful today.

7 September 2017.
Michelle Seyner.