Panic Room.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner17 Oct 2017

There's a room inside my head
stuffed with the terrors that I hide,
and the memories are all undead
so I keep them locked up tight.

Sometimes all these locks don't hold
and memories seep outside the door,
I watch the horrors all unfold
that I experienced, before...

And my whole world turns to nightmares,
whether I'm awake or dream,
while my mind falls down the ragged stairs
I still hear myself scream -

back when I was helpless and alone,
abandoned and neglected,
they crafted my hell, stone by stone
they left me unprotected

and all those horrors in my skull
leave their ever-spreading stain,
I can't get up from my knees at all
until that room is sealed again.

20 September 2017.
Michelle Seyner.