I Give Hugs.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner23 Sep 2019

I give hugs in a way that reminds me
of the last Summer leaf clinging to its branch,
with the "goodbye" I refuse to utter
already folded into the arms of my "hello",
because Goddess knows there are
no guarantees, other than those
attached to modern technology -
and even those have an expiration date.

I give hugs in a way reminiscent of
the first leaf of Spring unfolding
itself in the air that still breathes
Winter's chill, in a daring display
of abundant life, precious and fragile.
A show of faith in an environment
that's not up yet to receive it,
and not yet ready to celebrate.

I give hugs in a way I ate food
when I was starving. Or like how I
set down a heavy load. With relief
and exhilaration and the happiness
of long being denied such a
human and warm gesture, and
only the faint shadow of all possible
"hello's" and a final "goodbye."

23 September 2019.
Michelle Seyner.