Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner24 Sep 2019

Since Mike Brown so many
Black people were murdered
by police brutality alone,
that, if I were to assemble
all their hashtags
together, I would make
a runway that leads from
America to the Netherlands.
And even hashtags
sometimes get their own
hashtags. And even hashtags
get a Twitter burial, eventually.
But our wealth, our riches,
are stolen from Black and Brown
people who were stolen themselves,
disconnected from their soil,
severed from their history;
nameless ancestors reduced to
skeletons in the closet
named: White Supremacy,
with shelves for colonialism,
slavery, "The Golden Era",
"the Civil War"
but name it what it isn't,
add some glamour
to the atrocity....
And the world only starts
moving when rich Western
countries are threatened,
when a cathedral burns;
but not when the
Rainforest is turned into
a fiery red flag
that blots out even the stars
and displaces the Indigenous
peoples, they who protect
us all, once again homeless
or dead, and not even
a hashtag for them.
And now I see
seas and seas of people
striking for #climatechange
and I applaud this, I do.
I,too, want a habitable planet
for future generations.
But i cannot help but wonder:
how many more hashtags
will it TAKE
for me, for us, to finally see
seas and seas of people
striking or demonstrating
against the racism
that is just as lethal
- has always BEEN as lethal -
as climate change.

24 September 2019.
Michelle Seyner.