Ode to Getting Older.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner26 Sep 2019

So I'm gonna tell you, and I'll be bold here,
what it réálly feels like, to grow older

and I can tell you, and say this with relief:
I'm still innocent, but no longer naive

with each wrinkle, each white hair, each passing hour
I do not "loose youth" - instead I gain power

I'm too old to be impulsive, but not too young to be wise,
I use my heart and my brain, my ears and my eyes

and the lies that they told me? The edges are fraying,
I care less and less 'bout what people are saying

and I am just mé now, I love it and live it:
I serve my coconut with my lombok along with it

and, sure, you may think I am not much to see:
I'll be laughing at those who are laughing at me

I will no longer be the source of my shame,
nor hung as a painting in someone's small frame

On my own stage I play no more second fiddle -
it's clear who I am, I am no fucking riddle

I see who you are, and treat you accordingly,
give the gentleness back that you are affording me

but to those who try to get me beaten and bleedin':
I seen WORSE than you - and I am still breathing

see, the very BEST part of growing older
is how fear no longer has a firm hold here -

I know who I am, what I want, what I need:
for the very first time I can actually BREATHE

so I'm gonna tell you, and I'll be bold here:
the best thing I did for myself was: grow older.

26 September 2019.
Michelle Seyner.