Everything Can Become a Poem.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner30 Sep 2019

Everything can become a poem -
the way my lover looks at me,
a text message my child sends me,
the way a leaf lets go
and is sent spiraling to
the river by the Autumn wind.
Or how the river breeze
tangles its eager fingers
in my hair with the promise
of rain on its breath.
Or how the shape of my sleeping
pet is a still-life each master
should aspire to paint.

Everything can become a poem.
The chirping of sand under my boots.
The way snow smells.
What the color yellow feels like.
Every secret I ever kept from myself.
How I write. Why I write.
Why I do not write. Why
I get back to writing.
The title of my favorite song,
or book, or TV-series.
The drawing an artist made.
I see the world, I see my life,
I see all things as poetry.
Some poems I have written.
Some I have not yet written.
Everything can become a poem.
And in my case - it definitely does.

30 September 2019.
Michelle Seyner.