Empty Apology.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner20 Jun 2020

You insult me with your "apology" -
and not even delivered by yoursélf,
no, you gave my brother the key
to the neglected daughter on the shelf.

Oh, my brother did his best,
and impressed upon me
- while trying to clean what was never HIS mess-
the difficulty of saying "sorry."

Yes, it must be excruciating
to issue a Zero Accountability "sorry"
while you are still insinuating
the REAL problem is ME.

Was I supposed, dear mom,
to applaud your everything?
Our road was too dark and too long
and at the end is: nothing.

My heart does mourn what never was,
what could've been, we'll never know,
you salted the earth that was us,
made sure flowers will never grow

so here's the truth *I* always lived:
nothing can grow between you and me,
your vague "sorry" is not a gift,
in fact, it borders on mockery.

I am not here to ease your load,
whatever you mourn is yours alone,
your footsteps set you on your road,
you're harvesting the seeds you've sown.

You issued an apology
to our barren, salted earth,
you have said your "sorry."
I have listened. You've been heard.

17 June 2020.
Michelle Seyner.