Hidden History.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner20 Jun 2020

I am a direct descendant
of the colonizer and the colonized -
all of this is still defended,
colonialism is still prized.

At some point I realized:
But I am neither, both - myself.
I started to get decolonized,
this Indo hopped right off her shelf.

The history of my people shrouded,
we were "civilized" and "saved",
"benefits" are shrilly touted -
the enslaved were never nĂ¡med "enslaved."

Your Colonial Hero Party
I'll be here to always spoil,
loud rebellion is my art, see;
the truth soaked up by "Dutch-Indies" soil

but I will shout until you see
we were neither "civilized" nor "saved",
I'll sing of those who came before me:
suppressed, massacred - and enslaved.

20 June 2020.
Michelle Seyner.