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This is one of the first poems I wrote after the accident that ended up killing my father in law. It's about how unimportant differences are when something so crushing happens. How it dwarfs every difference of opinion, making it completely insignificant. All you remember is what you really SHOULD remember - that you love that person. A lot. And his death leaves a hole in your life that can't be filled. But I couldn't quite get that feeling right with this poem. I loved him. I miss him.


Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner11 Oct 2013

Everything that went wrong -
it matters not
since you are gone.

Everytime we went astray,
it's unimportant
now you're away.

Everytime we missed the right track -
it matters not
since you won't come back.

Everything we left unsaid -
it's unimportant
now you're dead.

October 28th 2007.