Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner12 Oct 2013

Here I am,
almost 33
and jobless for over
seven years.
Been working on my dreams,
but so far, none realised,
except for becoming a mother.
A daily diet of coffee, crackers,
and an occasional sip of
or quiet desperation.
Sometimes crying
during an early morning shower
without even knowing why.

This is the grim reality
of my day to day life.
Not resigning, not giving up,
but no visible progress either.

Now circumstances force me
to wake up from my apathy
and slay the demon of
that hides in my mind
and poisons all.
It must be banished
to the realms of hell
where it belongs.

I want to emerge,
a victorious me,
at the end of my struggle,
my suffering.
Shining my newfound
at the end of my delusions.

November 6th 2007.