Coffee at a Shopping Mall.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner09 Dec 2013

At a shopping mall with my newest friend
silently sipping our hot coffee.
I follow his gaze outside the window,
he is watching the people below.
Where do they come from, where will they go?
We sit here in quiet harmony,
the tiny table a square island.

I study his features with care,
slowly emptying my cup.
He is watching the people below,
watching them come and go,
his handsome face aglow.
Suddenly he looks up,
his smile so bright and fair.

At a shopping mall on a rainy day
with my newest friend
with nowhere else to be,
sipping my hot coffee,
watching him smile at me,
a few hours so well-spent
that I want an extended stay.

December 9th 2013.
Michelle Seyner.