Shadows In The Dark. (30)

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner30 Jan 2014

It is where shadows are creeping
in cold and curving caves
it's silent as abandoned graves
where mirky doubts are seeping.

It's where thoughts are threatening but foggy
and where emotions are restricted,
where all wounds are self-inflicted
and drowned courage frays, and gets all soggy.

It is where plain logic cannot unwind
it's where self-critique is a sport of misery
and where the loss of autonomous agency
lurks like a shadow in my darkened mind.

It's where doom stands too ready at its shelf
and I myself am my own worst enemy
where with closed eyes it's more frightening to see
the shadow bullets with which I shoot myself.

My own mind can be a dog with fearsome bark
and left unchecked, an abyss of misery -
but when my heart casts light, I clearly see:
it's nothing more than just shadows in the dark.

January 30 2014.
Michelle Seyner.