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Just a few of many, MANY ways in which women are restricted...

Upon The Restriction Of Women.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner30 Jan 2014

Don't be smart, and for God's sake don't be sassy
and IF you're smart, hide it as best you can,
be inviting but for heaven's sake stay classy
otherwise girl, you'll end up without a man....
Don't let your heels be too high or your skirts too short,
don't hold opinions that'll contradict your peers,
personal views are a luxury you can't afford
or you'll be single and alone for many years.
Smile at all times, and be modest and polite
so you'll be liked by everyone you meet,
remember that for the bitch who has a bite
no one will ever reserve the honour seat.
Now mind these rules, girl, for they are tried and true.
(And if you obey them, there will be nothing left of YOU.)

January 30 2014.
Michelle Seyner.