Your Tears. (46)

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner16 Feb 2014

I'll wipe away your tears
with tender fingers
my brave boy, so loving and so strong,
your life, to me, the most amazing song
where in each corner, your clear light lingers,
chasing away the sadness and the fears.

I'll wipe your tears away
and I'll hold you close to me
as you cry for the ones that just can't:
for the lonely, for the outcasts, for the damned,
and one day, my son, I hope we'll see
the dawning of a new and different day.

I'll wipe your tears, so heartfelt and so true,
with tender fingers I caress your lovely face,
it might take you many tears
and possibly a lot of years
to learn goodness always leaves a trace,
and you brought it in this world by being YOU.

15 February 2014.
Michelle Seyner.