Heresy. (65)

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner06 Mar 2014

In this world filled with misery,
with conflicts and faked democracy
where human rights are paperthin,
a place where only bankers win,
speaking the truth is heresy.

In a world where our privacy
seems equated with anarchy
where newspapers print us lies
and the trusted government spies,
speaking the truth is heresy.

In a world where profit is the holy grail
and the regard for all Life is frighteningly frail,
where speaking truth brands you a traitor
and short-term gain leaves no room for "later"
freedom is commodified for sale.

In a world where individuality
is treated like "The Enemy"
where critical thinking is suspicious
where informing yourself is plain seditious,
speaking the truth is heresy.

But the truth will set us free,
thus unshackle our humanity
making the world a better place
filled with love, respect and grace -
where truth is no longer heresy.

6 March 2014.
Michelle Seyner.