Spring Serenade.

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner12 Mar 2014

And now the trees have come alive
with birds. Birds singing!
And Spring has made Blossom his wife.
In the distance, machines are humming

to the tune of Life's sweet eternity
while cheerful children are darting by,
no, this day is not made for solemnity
when sunshine is raining from the sky!

Trees carry their fragile blossoms with great care
with their branches full of chirps and twitter
and the never-ceasing song is always there
where birds nest, and fly, and flitter.

And seagulls scream their appreciation
adding texture to Spring's Serenade
and I enjoy this marvellous Creation -
For rejoicing this blessed day was made.

12 March 2014.
Michelle Seyner.