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My modest ode to all Poets.

We Write. (73)

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner14 Mar 2014

Poets -
We write -
about anything.
And everything.
The unbearable harshness
of stuff,
as well as the beauty.
Modern bards we are,
of our era.
We connect the universal
to the personal
and vice versa.
We sing of
the forgotten,
the forlorn
and the phenomenal.

We write -
with subjective objectivity
about the mystical
and the mundane.

We write -
with staggering sharpness
and bittersweet tenderness.
We write -
we leave no subject untouched
and no word unturned.

We write -
we are the reflections
of our time
the voice and spirit
of our era
as we connect
the personal
to the universal
and vice versa.

We are the bards
of our days.
We write.

14 March 2014.
Michelle Seyner.