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This poem was inspired by "The Last Rose of Summer" by Thomas Moore.

First Rose of Summer. (192)

Dsc02480by Michelle Seyner11 Jul 2014

The first rose of summer
Lifts her head
As she folds her petals like a skirt

She stands tall,
Awaits the sunny days ahead,
Well aware of her value and her worth.

Her sweet fragrance
Perfumes the summer air

And even her thorns
Manage to
Look serene and fair.

Her siblings have not yet
Awoken on their stem,
They will when her petals
Start fraying at the hem.

And when it's time,
She will let go without fear,
Knowing she'll be
The first to bloom again next year.

If I am lucky,
She'll put my soul at ease
And blow a ruby red
Petal on the breeze

For me to catch
So skin and silk are meeting:
A farewell folded
Inside a gentle greeting,

And a way of saying:
'Don't worry, I'll be here
When you walk my way
In summertime next year.'

11 July 2014.
Michelle Seyner.