Night Runner

Typewriter5by Dryden14 Jun 2014

Bring on the night – I couldn’t stand another hour of daylight.
-Sting/The Police (from Regatta de Blanc – 1979)

he ran chasing zen
at least hoping to catch
zen-like full and empty moments
of singularity
of simplicity
of synchronicity

as the darkness melted
him into a nocturnal sea
he became his own shadow
the prairie highway
an unwavering line
waiting in welcome

sublime cool air
curled itself around him
like an air-conditioned cocoon
folding him into his favourite
time to float his footsteps
to relinquish his thoughts

the night sacrificed itself
offering a silent sanctuary
to his legs striding
arms swinging
lungs singing
body swimming

as he split the highway,
a bright shard of mottled moon
rising on his right,
on his left an exhausted star
shooting itself into infinity –
he continued:

a slow but sure moving meteor
dancing a cosmic two-step