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This piece inspired by/based on Marc Chagall's 1915 painting of the same name. The painting hangs in Tate Modern in London, England. Have a look:

The Poet Reclining (Chagall 1915)

Typewriter5by Dryden18 Jun 2014

Marc Chagall rests prostrate in the pasture,
breathing the air of creation and conversion.
And, while pigs, cows, horses, sheep
inhabit this animistic dimension,
he reflects on what he does:
“with pure liquid ink
the poet pilots his thoughts,”
he says to himself,
“with high-tech precision the pen glides
and the paper absorbs – by osmosis
completing the compression of
emotion, experience, existence,
receiving in liquid form
my mouthful of breath.”

Beyond him in the lilac tranquility
the world continues to commune
in ordinary ecstasy.