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*Previously posted; revised just a wee bit today.

Based on/inspired by Marc Chagall's painting "White Crucifixion" which hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago. Have a look:

White Crucifixion (Chagall 1938)

Typewriter5by Dryden23 Jul 2014

cruising above the clouds
over the North Atlantic
the bright soft expanse
like a cosmic hammock
seems inviting but
creeping thoughts conjure
a white apocalypse:
Jesus caught in the center
stretched out on the cross he inherited

through slits
he watches in vertigo
while the world
spins anarchy
burns in white shadows...
a tornado of inhumanity
twisting till
destruction is sick of itself

beneath the seductive
cover of clouds
Jesus dies
again and again
through millennia of
swirling chaos – sending
prayers of rebirth spiralling